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Under the guidance of experienced professionals, carefully planned activities are carried on in VISHWAS, on a daily or weekly basis, for the residents as well as for members of the Day Care Centre. The members are motivated to follow daily routines of essential personal hygiene, to indulge in simple activities like making their beds, and putting medicines in a box to be taken at prescribed times. Various other mental exercises are also performed, that help in enhancing memory and decision making. One of these is a ‘Feeling Group’ where the patients try to remember and recall the events of the previous day. Other such activities include cutting letters of the alphabet from newspapers, and having vocabulary classes for comprehension, having been introduced by one of the residents. Vocabulary and communication skills play a vital role in the rehabilitation of a patient, and at VISHWAS, this is especially taken care of. In addition, they are taught conflict and anger management. Taking part in games and quizzes makes the therapy pleasant. Indoor games – chess, carrom, table-tennis and bag-punching are regularly arranged for the residents. Reading books and newspapers is a common activity. In addition, the residents are taught computer skills for which the facility has adequate arrangements. The resident members also enjoy outdoor games – badminton, basketball and cricket in the spacious lawns of the facility. Yoga classes are also organized, besides encouraging healthy activities like walking, jogging and skipping.


The creative aspect of the members’ personalities is valued and enhanced through art and craft classes, activities like envelope-making, painting lessons, and candle-making sessions

RFS believes in empowering the patients to restart mainstream lives, for which their involvement in normal activities becomes a must, and at VISHWAS, this is achieved by activities like monitored weekly lunch outings and shopping trips. Society-owned vehicles, including a mini bus and a van are used for safe transportation. Picnics are arranged and the birthdays of residents are celebrated. Celebration of festivals brings back the sense of normalcy to the recovering individuals. A special emphasis is also laid on the need for entertainment. Besides watching TV together in the dining hall, the residents also participate in music, dance and movement therapy.