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Success Stories

Dr. Satyavati Devi, well-known and popular psychiatrist, currently also the Vice-President of RFS Delhi Branch, is not only one of the founding members of RFS – Delhi, but continues to be the pioneering light for the organization’s activities. Her rich and varied experience, including several years of practice in the United Kingdom, provides valuable guidance to the team at RFS -Delhi, and makes the Outreach Programme noticeably successful. According to Dr. Satyavati, in the last ten years, more than 50 percent of the residents of Vishwas have been properly treated and fully rehabilitated. The Outreach Programme too has been tremendously successful. Here are two of the many success stories from the Outreach Programme, in the words of Dr. Satyavati.

  1. “One gentleman A had left home and used to wander around a pool in the village. Our counsellor, Mr. Paresh Shah found out about him and mentioned the case to me. I went to his home. As he was not there, I asked his brother to look for him and to bring him to the Najafgarh outreach clinic. When I eventually saw him, he looked unclean, unshaved and was dressed in dirty clothes. I examined him in detail. He was suffering from Schizophrenia. I prescribed medicine for him and asked his brother to give it regularly to him under his supervision. He started coming regularly to the outreach clinic for follow up treatment. Gradually, he improved to a great extent, about 90 percent. He started dressing up properly and joined his job after a lapse of a considerable period. He was advised to continue medication and to attend the outreach Programme regularly.”
  2. “One married lady in her 30s was brought by her advocate husband. He told me that she had made at least 8 suicidal attempts. He had spent lacs of rupees on her treatment but she did not improve. He was fed up. When I examined her, I found out that she suffered from recurrent Depression. Her main problem was that she used to discontinue her treatment as soon as she improved. It took me a long time to convince her that she has to continue her medicine even after she has improved and has to continue to attend the follow up clinic to prevent relapses of getting depressed again. She remained well and continued to attend our clinic for some time.”

“These are only two success stories but I am happy to say that majority of patients improved and when they came to tell me with a broad smile that they were feeling better, I felt extremely happy. This has been my reward and it inspires members to continue in service for these people.”

    • Dr Satyavati Devi.